New Testing Campaign

IMPORTANT:   Before filling out this form, please be clear on the following requirements:

  • Your product listing must be live before your campaign begins.
  • During the campaign, DO NOT make changes to your listing: (price, image, title, etc).
  • During the campaign, DO NOT run Sponsored Ads to your product.
  • You will receive an email notice before your campaigns begins, and a summary once it is completed.
  • Campaign Details

  • ** Price shoppers will pay during campaign
  • ** WE SUGGEST 75. You'll be invoiced for this number times your Product Price, which covers the manufacturer rebate fees. (Please remember these funds are returned to you in Amazon's payouts, minus their fees).
  • Please list 10 keywords you feel are relevant to your product. This helps us drive traffic to your listing.
  • Please provide any additional details relevant to your listing or this testing campaign.
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